Tips to complete the application

  • Understand the issue the We-Account Social Innovation Challenge (SIC) 2020/2021 is designed to address.
  • Pay careful attention to the requirements and timeline of the Challenge.
  • Download the Challenge Application Guide, to review Eligibility Criteria, Judging Criteria, Application Questions, and understand what you will need to complete.
  • Double check that your idea properly responds to the needs of the people in your sub-region. 
  • Email with any questions about the Challenge.
  • Complete the online application form in full before 11 April 2021.
  • And remember, even if you don’t get selected as a winner for the We-Account Social Innovation Challenge (SIC) 2020/2021, the fact that you have been inspired to come up with an idea is a great start! If you believe in your idea and demonstrate that, someone will believe in you!